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Southern Stonemasons Canterbury are award-winning stonemasons, delivering exceptional stonemasonry and natural stone solutions in Christchurch and all over the South Island.

Stone offers beauty, strength, value and warmth. Maximising the properties of natural stone is the art of modern stonemasonry. Our passion is pairing traditional craftsmanship and contemporary architectural design.

Port Hills Stone Specialists

We are proud to be your local supplier and installer of this historic local basalt.

stone quarrying and processing plant

Seismic Resistant Systems

Our earthquake proof stone ties were developed in-house and are used in all our projects.

lightweight stone veneer
port hills stone specialists

Quarrying Processing Plant

We quarry, process and install stone to insure quality and best bang for buck for our clients.

seismic resistant systems

Lightweight Stone Veneers

Qualified stonemasons and hand cut stones means our lightweight veneers looks superb.

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Advice and Quotes

Our goal is to ensure expectations match outcomes in terms of quality, timing, cost and wow factor. Please get in touch with us for expert advice and obligation free quotes.
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Choosing Your Stone

Choosing Your Stone: Our Stone and Style Guide introduces a range of popular and local stones, colours, shapes, installation styles and pointing finishes. Follow the link below to view our guide.
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Feature Projects

Each job is tailored to the clients needs, whether historic stone restoration, lightweight architectural veneers or solid time-honored stonework. View our recent projects below.